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9 ways to enter the writing [zone] zen

perspective-Writing Zone.

 What this post is not about…and what it is

This is not an article about the mechanics of writing. I leave that to the grammarians. And it’s not about how to express yourself as a scribe. That’s for creative writing instructors or authors of how-to-write books, or bloggers who impart their wisdom on how to craft well-written prose.

This is about how to go about setting the stage for unleashing the voice from within when you have something that needs to be expressed. It might be a letter, a blog, a book, a poem or a song. That which needs to be put into words may be trapped or muddled. It may be bound up in doubts or fears, or you may feel an emptiness. Or maybe you can’t find the match to light the fire.

How do you initiate the process, dip into the creative well, and stir the creative soup so that when you put down your pen or click to close that file, you realize with certainty that you have said what your heart wanted to say in just the way you meant to say it? Here are nine tips for entering the writing zen. Continue reading 9 ways to enter the writing [zone] zen